Society of Digital Agencies

The Society of Digital Agencies (SoDA) is being established as the voice of the interactive industry worldwide, with a mission to advance the profession through knowlwedge sharing, education and advocacy.

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The Designers’ Monarchy – An Excellent Daily Talent Bookmark

The Designers’ Monarchy‘ is a portfolio / collection of beautiful works of artists around the world, featuring the following categories…

A must to-be-visited resource bookmark for every artist and designer.

Camille Allen – Artist dolls and sculptures

Camille Allen is a professional doll sculpture artist.

You can find lots of wonderful work like above in her site.

Wotartist – A portal of Artists’ websites around the world

This elegantly designed portal is a beautiful introduction to artist websites from around the world. Listings are organized by region (Americas, U.K., Europe, Australia, Asia/Middle East) and directory pages list types and genres (sculpture, painting and photography; Figurative, Surrealism and Expressionism). They are clues that are to be explored—moused over, really—so you can discover who, and what, lies beyond. Trigger the pop-up windows to see the artist’s name and a sample piece. One click takes you to that artist’s website, where you can see more images of their work, learn about gallery shows and get other information. Whether you’re a serious collector or just plain curious, it’s fun to hop from Nick Milliner’s animations (listed as “Weird” on the U.K. page) to bright clay pots by Pippin Drysdale (ceramics, in Australia). But if you’re looking for a particular artist, just Google him or her, as there’s no search-this-site option. If you’re an artist who needs help designing a website to showcase your work, Wotartist has a Wotdesign team for hire. Another site that can quickly suck you in: Getty Images’ 10 ways, 10 separate, uniquely structured virtual paths through one immense collection

LookyBook – Lots of picture books


LookyBook – Picture Books you can discover, share and talk about.

It had  a nice collection of short stories explained  in a creative and beautiful way.

A very good site for recreation and to let yourself relax from the work.

My favorite story is Stanley. Check out and let me know which one you love most.

80 Million Tiny Images

1 in 80 Million

All the nouns (53,463) in the English language visualized and arranged by semantic meaning equals 80 Million Tiny Images