Logo Design Love – David Airey’s new blog on Logo Design

“Today I’m unveiling my second ever blog launch (after this one), and you’re invited to take look. Logo Design Love is a new blog that devotes all its attention towards logo design.

I’ve been working on during the past couple of weeks, and you might remember a while back when I asked for your advice on naming the site. Well, that was a few months back, in October, but client projects and a month off work put Logo Design Love on the back-burner….” – David Airey.

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The world’s thinnest notebook – MacBook Air

The new ultrathin and ultraportable MacBook ‘Air’ is out and pre-ordering is available at apple.

Apple MackBook AirHere is comparison between ‘Pro’ and ‘Air’ by Daring Fireball

Ratan Tata on “Nano – The 1 Lakh Car”

Here is an interview with Ratan Tata, about his long and lonely journey during the creation of the much awaited people’s car, the 1 lakh ($2500) car of Tata’s – Nano.

Ratan Tata with Nano