Camille Allen – Artist dolls and sculptures

Camille Allen is a professional doll sculpture artist.

You can find lots of wonderful work like above in her site.


Wotartist – A portal of Artists’ websites around the world

This elegantly designed portal is a beautiful introduction to artist websites from around the world. Listings are organized by region (Americas, U.K., Europe, Australia, Asia/Middle East) and directory pages list types and genres (sculpture, painting and photography; Figurative, Surrealism and Expressionism). They are clues that are to be explored—moused over, really—so you can discover who, and what, lies beyond. Trigger the pop-up windows to see the artist’s name and a sample piece. One click takes you to that artist’s website, where you can see more images of their work, learn about gallery shows and get other information. Whether you’re a serious collector or just plain curious, it’s fun to hop from Nick Milliner’s animations (listed as “Weird” on the U.K. page) to bright clay pots by Pippin Drysdale (ceramics, in Australia). But if you’re looking for a particular artist, just Google him or her, as there’s no search-this-site option. If you’re an artist who needs help designing a website to showcase your work, Wotartist has a Wotdesign team for hire. Another site that can quickly suck you in: Getty Images’ 10 ways, 10 separate, uniquely structured virtual paths through one immense collection

50 Top 10 Lists of 2007 from Time & CNN

  in partnership with brought the Top 10 Lists of 2007, from a wide variety of 50 categories, ranging from News, Arts & Entertainment, Science … to … Pop Culture … and so on…

Can FWA’s Facebook group make a 10000?


FWA’s Facebook group is almost near to a 10,000 (currently 9,532).

Less than 500 to go….!

Join early and inform your friends.

Adobe’s 25 years of innovation

Adobe‘s commitment to revolutionizing how the world engages with ideas and information is as strong today as it was when the company was founded in 1982. Over the years, Adobe has helped redefine industries with technologies and products such as:

  • PostScript® and PDF for the print industry
  • Dreamweaver® and Flash® for the web
  • Adobe Premiere® and After Effects® for film and TV
  • LiveCycle® and Flex™ for the enterprise
  • Adobe AIR™ for extending rich Internet applications to the desktop
  • Award-winning software like Photoshop® and Acrobat® that spans all industries, serving customers of every size

Interactive timeline Explore the people, products, events, and milestones that make up the history of Adobe Systems Incorporated.

Adobe: 25 Years of Magic Download this comprehensive retrospect, 45 full-color pages detailing Adobe’s 25 years of innovation.

Oscar’s official poster for 2008

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has unveiled the poster for the 80th Oscars.

If it brings to mind a certain sci-fi movie or six, that’s because it was created by veteran poster illustrator Drew Struzan, who made the one-sheets for each of the “Star Wars” films and executed by his son, Christian.

Each 27 x 40-inch poster is printed on premium quality, Forest Stewardship Certified paper. The 80th Academy Awards poster is available for purchase for $25 (includes shipping within the U.S.).


Graphic Design Resources and Bookmarks

Here is a small compilation of essential bookmarks for Flash, useful forums, code, experimental, design, after effects, 3d, motion, high definition, advertising, silverlight, AIR, Apollo, Flex, WPF etc… (gathered from other bloggers and friends) is a great tutorial site for AE great for AS 2.0 tween classes wicked for learing and experimenting in AS cool for AS learning as well Sick design, IAAH is great inspiration… is having lots of free video tutorials is the best place to get free stock photos

Please share your knowledge links and comments.